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TEETH / TMJ - Essential Oil + CBD Infusion


Pain Relief + Calming + Confidence

The pain of teething becomes contagious as a parent! Crying, fussiness and a complete loss of sleep is just a part of growing up.  Instead of synthetic chemical that can have safety concerns, this blend uses the best of nature to help calm the inflammation and pain of teething, while also promoting sleepiness for your little one.  This blend also works great for jaw and TMJ dysfunction pain.

Essential oils infused in this CBD roller include;

  • Lavender - This oil is famous for all things calming, including Relaxing, Soothing, Nervine, and Antidepressant properties.  Main constituents are Linalool, a-terpineol, Linalyl Acetate and b-ocimene.
  • Copaiba - Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic properties come from main constituent Beta-caryophyllene. 
  • Roman Chamomile - The main constituents Geranial, Germacrene and Neral promote Sedative and Hypnotic properties from this sought after oil.

Calm inflamed areas by rolling around jawline and if needed, can be rolled on finger and put on gums.

*This roller ball should be used as part of your "toolbox" against to help the symptoms of teething.  Amber necklaces and homeopathy are also extremely helpful, but as always, we recommend consulting your physician before use. 


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 Essential Oil +CBD Infusion for Teeth and TMJ

TEETH / TMJ - Essential Oil + CBD Infusion