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HORMONES / EMOTIONS - Essential Oil + CBD Infusion


Balancing + Cooling + Uplifting 

The new blend for women before, during and after the cycle, it helps to calm emotions and balance hormones.  This non-invasive option can be used to promotes a regular cycle, calm a heavy flow, minimize the brain fog and level out feelings of intense emotions.  

 Essential oils infused in this CBD roller include;

  • Geranium - The "poor man's rose," this oil's main constituents are Citronellol and Geraniol and it promotes Anti-hemorrhagic, Detoxifier and Regenerative properites.
  • Jasmine - Benzyl Acetate and phytol work as constituents towardes properties like Calming, Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac, and Regenerative.
  • Rose - Known as the "Queen of the Flowers," it takes about 12,000 petals to make a 5 mL bottle of pure oil. Amazing properties like Tonic, Sedative, Antidepressant, Emmenagogue, and Aphrodisiac come from constituents Nerol and Cirronellol.

Apply to inner thigh, abdomen above ovaries and/or small of back as needed throughout the day and before bed.

*This roller ball should be used as part of your "toolbox" in the quest to balance hormones.  There are many factor that play a role this including stress, endocrine disrupting chemicals, diet, sleep and more.  When finding your harmony with our without medications, we recommend consulting your physician before use. 

HORMONES / EMOTIONS - Essential Oil + CBD Infusion

HORMONES / EMOTIONS - Essential Oil + CBD Infusion