About Us

We're both fathers looking to share our love and knowledge beyond the 4 walls of our home.

It doesn't take much time to realize we're living in a culture of unhappy and unhealthy folks. And for what reason? We have an incredible opportunity to live a beautiful life...so let's get to it!

Rooted Apothecary looks to be small piece of the puzzle towards a better, healthier life for all of us.  Our dream and vision for our own family has been extended to yours, rebelliously wholesome remedies that help drive harmony to your system.

Hemp infused products work to balance your "fight or flight" and your "rest, digest and heal" aspects of your body, working all the way down to the neurological system.  It's something we can really get behind and have been driven to create the cleanest and most wholesome products on the market.

We hope these hemp infused products bring as much love to your family as it has to both of ours!

With Thanks, Ryan and Cade - Founders