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From Our Family To Yours

About Us

Hello, my name is Dr. Cade Copeland and I'm the founder of Rooted Apothecary. As a functional medicine practitioner and family chiropractor for the past 10 years in Naples, Florida, I've learned a lot about how to help people stay healthy.

After working with thousands of individuals and families, I've found that unhealthy adults typically raise unhealthy kids ... and those unhealthy kids turn into unhealthy adults. It's a tragic cycle that can go on for generations and it literally steals the joy of life. 

It’s happening at a record pace in our modern world and I've devoted my life to helping people who are desperately searching for an answer. 

When a patient first told me about their results with hemp extracts years ago I was in disbelief. The second patient telling me a similar story made me curious. Then after the third time hearing about hemp I became obsessed with learning more. 

So I dove in, read countless research papers, medical blog posts, and testimonials. Learning about how CBD works in the body, and the results that people were getting from it, blew me away. 

The popularity of hemp isn’t a mistake, it isn't a fad and research is only starting to shine a light on it's true potential.

The truth is, hemp deserves a place in your natural health routine right alongside good food, plenty of rest, and quality exercise.

But this plant isn’t the cure.

I created Rooted Apothecary’s “rebelliously wholesome” products to be a piece of the puzzle towards a better, healthier life for the entire family.

One of our goals at Rooted Apothecary is to change the conversation around hemp. It isn't a cure, but leading research has shown incredible promise.

Hemp has been used around the world for centuries, my family, and thousands of others are living proof of its ability. We consistently find that it helps us live our best lives. We hope our products bring as much wellness and love to your family as they have to ours!

With Love,

Dr. Cade Copeland


Rooted Apothecary

Dr. Cade Copeland - Owner of Rooted Apothecary