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UTI's- How to Prevent Them + What to Do In a Crisis

by Cade Copeland |  | 1 comment

Urinary Tract Infections

A painful but common circumstance that if left untreated can turn into something much more problematic.  You can try and self diagnose, and maybe you’ve had them in the past to identify the symptoms, but we always recommend working with your doctor for a UTI.

Unfortunately, sometimes antibiotics are necessary…and thank God we have them.  BUT, here is our best “to-do list” to try and avoid your exposure to medication and it’s potential side effects.  You can pick a few, do them all, or even add your own to the list.


  1. Healthy Fluids – increasing liquids is important to continue to flush the infection out and prevent it from getting worse.  We say healthy fluids because not all liquids are created equal!  Things like dairy and sugary beverages will certainly make things worse.  Stick to purified water, organic teas or raw, cold pressed juices…and again, make sure to get plenty of them!
  2. Vitamin C – one of the best “bang for your buck” supplements out there.  It’s pivotal to understand that taking vitamin C during maintenance and during crisis entails completely different doses. If you’re struggling with a UTI, we recommend boosting this supplement just short of “bowel tolerance;” start between 1,000 – 2,000 mg every hour or so and modify based upon your body’s response.
  3. Probiotics – good bacteria are always needed in the body, especially when sick or after taking an antibiotic.  We recommend rotating your probiotics every bottle between 2 or 3 different brands / strains to maintain a variety in support of your microbiome.  Two that hit the top of our list include Terraflora and RestorFlora.
  4. Cranberry / Pomegranate Extract – taking an extract is much better than drinking cranberry juice.  You’ll get all of the helpful antioxidants and avoid the sugar.  Try looking for an organic version at your local health food store or online.



  1. D-Mannose – this supplement is a sugar that acts to “strip the bad bacterial” off the urinary tract tissues. It is cheap and available online and at your local health food store, take as needed and store the extra capsules in your medicine cabinet in case an infection happens again.
  2. Colloidal Silver – using a trusted brand for silver is a safe way to improve your defense system.  Silver has been shown in some cases to selectively kill the bad or infected cells and leave the good ones alone.  This is vastly different than antibiotics, which goes after the good the bad and the ugly.  We only recommend taking if absolutely needed, this should not be taken daily or on a preventative basis.
  3. Grapefruit Seed Extract – another “natural antibiotic,” GSE is extremely helpful for a UTI.  It is also a great addition to the natural medicine cabinet.
  4. B Complex – anytime your body is going through a stressful situation, adding in extra B vitamins is a smart move.  B vitamins support liver and mitochondrial function, and surprisingly over the last 10 years of practice, everyone I have tested has been deficient in B!
  5. Essential Oil Blends for Immunity – you can really go crazy here as the list of helpful essential oils is quite lengthy.  The ones we’ve seen be most beneficial are things like tea tree, oregano, and clove.  Many brands have blends with all of these including these from Plant Therapy that you can use topically or diffuse in the air.


Urinary tract infections happen, and we’re happy to share our best natural tips to help you both in times of prevention and crisis.  If you have any questions, reach out to our team at

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  • Reenie Kluegel on July 24, 2020

    Great information for anyone who suffers with UTI’s.

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