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Top Wellness Travel Tips for Vacation Success

by Cade Copeland |

Taking a regular vacation is something many hard-working parents simply don’t do.

 Cooking, cleaning, acting as a chauffeur, folding the laundry and being a not-so-digital version of the assistant Siri is exhausting…you’ve earned that “paid time off,” now let’s make the most of it!  Reduce the stress and fear of being unprepared, here is our list of the Top 5 Travel Essentials;

  1. Probiotics– good bacteria never go out of style!  As we learn more about bacteria, research is pointing to gut health as one of the top indicators for mood stability, mental performance, sleeping patterns and immune health.  Dosing up on your probiotics in prep for travel can act as armor for contagious coughs and colds, resistance to viral infections and parasites and may even help give your skin some extra glow for those family photos!
  1. Vitamin C and D– unlike most other animals, humans cannot make vitamin C and therefore must get it from our diet.  Vitamin D on the other hand should take it’s official title as a hormone instead of just a vitamin, it really is that important!  Taking an extra boost of these two will undoubtedly inspire your system to superhuman status during periods of higher stress, mediocre sleep and less than ideal meal choices that typically occur during travel.
  1. Topical Magnesium Oil– crucial in over 300 bio-mechanical reactions in the body, magnesium helps to provide a relaxing and soothing calm to a stressed mind and body.  We prefer the topical route because it hits the bloodstream much quicker than an oral supplement.  Topical magnesium also bypasses the gut so it shouldn’t cause any irritation for you or your kiddos. Simply apply to the bottom of the foot before bed or on any sore muscles throughout the day; don’t worry about using too much, your body will say thank you!
  1. Colloidal Silver– we don’t normally advocate for “anti-bacterial” types of products, this one is sometimes needed.  It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and it’s safe for the whole family when used properly.  It’s flexible enough to be used on a dirty public surface (think gas station bathroom!), on the skin after exposure to something questionable, or even internally when in a pinch.  Learn more about it’s safety from Wellness Mama.
  1. Activated Charcoal – this one carries some serious bio-hacking potential!  Save some in your emergency kit as it protects against poor food choices and can even act as a lifesaving hangover cure.  While it doesn’t negatively affect gut bacteria, it adsorbs pretty much anything else in the tummy. Don’t take within 90 minutes of good food choices, other supplements or prescribed medications.  Charcoal sourced from the hull of coconuts is the purest form and capsules can be opened and poured into water or juice for the little ones.  It makes a mess, but it can even used topically to soak up any unwanted toxic exposure on the skin. 

We hope your travels are full of fun and laughter, pictures worthy of being framed and memories to last a lifetime!

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