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The 3 Things You Must Know About Water

by Cade Copeland |

Is there anything more refreshing than a glass of ice water on a hot day?

But, have you ever found yourself questioning just how pure that water is?  Reaching for the tap water isn’t really an option, but is that bottle of water you’re buying any better?

Home water filtration systems are exploding in popularity, however, many of them are only attempting to correct one of the points we make below.  Here are our thoughts to ensure you get a well-rounded view of everything water related;

  1. Filtration – bacteria, cysts, industrial chemicals like chlorine and fluoride are just a small part of the battle against poor water quality. But, it isn’t just about getting the bad stuff out, it’s also about keeping the good stuff in.  Some systems like reverse osmosis do a great job of getting rid of all the bad, but it leaves water in a “dead” state without a proper electrolyte balance.  If finding another filter isn’t in the works, just “remineralize” your water to bring the good back in with either a pinch of pink salt and a squeeze of lemon or specific remineralization drops from your local health food store.
  2. pH – have you ever tried to take care of a fish tank or a swimming pool…it’s tough work!  There needs to be delicate attention to detail in terms of pH, a scale that measures acidity (like lemon juice) or alkalinity (like baking soda).  Going too far one way or the other with water (or food, supplements or medications) drives inflammation and disorganization into our tissue and requires much more energy from our body to maintain homeostasis.  For example, products that recommend water too far away from balance in the alkaline state can change stomach acidity, creating digestive issues over long term use.  Again, our body’s ecosystem and pH levels require attention and the focus needs to be on balance.  You can have a fun experiment with your kiddos using these cheap test strips.
  3. Structure – every snowflake has a different and unique shape. How can that be if water is only hydrogen and oxygen?  Well, there is a little more to it actually and with the “shape” of our water too. Energy in the form of vibration, cell phone signals, WiFi, sound and more can influence the structure of our drinking water. A simple recommendation: say a blessing over your water.  Studies have shown the energy and vibration of your words and intent create a change in the structure (and the water’s ability to permeate the cellular membrane of our tissues). Considering adults are 60% water and kiddos are up to 75%, this means that your words can go a long way. Look into Masaro Emoto’s water crystal pictures for some extra credit, it’s seriously amazing!

While the focus above is on drinking water, it is worth noting that some research has shown a hot shower causes the pores to open and the skin to absorb more unwanted chemicals than drinking the water actually does.

So, what about our kiddos in the bathtub? What about the hot water encouraging the plastic fish, foam alphabet and rubber ducky to leach off into the water? What happens as the chemicals lurking in the water, the toys and the personal care products mix into a “toxic soup”…is there anybody testing that? You can read more about the plasticizers, chemical foaming agents, shelf stable preservatives and toxin fragrances in our everyday life in the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie.

Opening our eyes to the impact of our daily habits as parents is tough. We’ll never be perfect. But with each decision (whether we are aware or not) moves the needle of health closer to wellness or closer to sickness. Knowledge is power, but knowledge without action is useless. Join our Facebook page and newsletter to learn how other families are making a difference in their health.

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