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14 Day Reset - Healthy Food and Lifestyle Guide

How Much Can Food Help You? More than you think. I've seen it countless times in my practice...when so many other things fail to make an impact, a change in diet saves the day.But it's hard. And changes DON'T happen overnight.The reason most of us fail is because we don't have a clear plan from the start....and that doesn't just mean with food!  Dr. Taylor Krick from the Washington Wellness Center has developed a 14 day reset call "REFRESH," and in a short explanation; it's amazing.>>>> Go and get your FREE download now and get a clear path to feeling better with food! Seriously, it's totally free and includes clarification on the healthiest options for; Nuts and Seeds Animal Products Sweeteners Fruits and Vegetables Junk Foods And More I am so appreciative of Dr. Krick opening this downloadable guide to the Rooted Apothecary family for FREE, as it is normally up on his store for $40. Dr. Krick is a close friend, a father of 3 and a trusted colleague, if you have any questions about food, toxicity or lab testing, you can reach out can find more of his ideas here; Washington Wellness Center | Instagram What are you waiting for?  Take a couple clicks and a couple minutes of review to start improving your health one bite at a time!