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Skin - Healthy from the Inside Out

by Cade Copeland |




Are these first words you would use to describe your skin?  Probably not, we are always our own harshest critics!  BUT, honestly, is the way your skin looks now the way you hoped it would years ago?  Not too many people would say it does unfortunately.

For this reason, the beauty and cosmetic world is exploding in growth with anti-aging products with promises that are often outrageous.  It gets even worse when you read through list of ingredients in the majority of products being sold;

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – not too bad in a single, small dose. But it’s prevalence in shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and many other products cause it to build in your body’s tissues over time.
  2. Sunscreens – there are many offenders, but oxybenzone and octinoxate have proven so harmful to the environment that Hawaii has banned its use. What is that doing on your skin?
  3. Phthalates and Parabens – known endocrine disruptors, these are linked to changes in hormones levels including sperm production in boys and early puberty in girls.
  4. Propylene Glycol – an ingredient used to enhance penetration of topical ingredients into the skin, the Canadian Domestic Substance List classified this as “expected to be toxic or harmful.”

That list is much, much longer of course and we recommend learning a little more about what goes into your body when something is applied to your skin.  The Environmental Working Group has something called the Skin Deep Database that collect research and information about the safety of these ingredients.  There is even a helpful hazardous scale as you look up your products or the ingredients in your products that make this fun and simple.


Healthy skin comes from the inside out!  While using a topical can help “spot treat” different areas that need a little extra love, it’s important to remember your nutrition and hydration is going to make the biggest difference.

  1. Increase Antioxidants – there are a ton of choices in this category, but our favorites include vitamin D3, NAC, quercetin and resveratrol from supplementation. Food choices like organic berries, raw pecans and spices like turmeric and clove.  
  2. Balance Your Fats – real food typically contains a balance of omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) and omega 6 (pro-inflammatory). However, the Standard American Diet ditches the balance for convenience with preservatives and sugar.  This promotes all the damage you can imagine, accelerating signs of stress and aging internally and externally.
  3. Boost Your Water – it's one the easiest things to ignore and also one of the easiest to change! It’s not only about the quantity, make sure it’s a clean source and add some fresh lemon or mint. Learn more about our favorite water tips with this article.
  4. Reduce Inflammation – inflammation can come from food, toxicity, too little or too much exercise and of course stress. Take an honest and deeper look at what areas are affecting you the most.
  5. DIY Routine – oils like argan, avocado, shea, jojoba, raspberry seed extract, carrot seed, pomegranate and rose hips can be combined together for a simple and soothing application. 

We hope that this information encourages you to take control of your health by simple changes in your home. As we continue to grow through your support, we’re inspired to hear how this information and our “rebelliously wholesome” products have made a difference in your life.

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