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Rooted's Friend Cason on the Bodys Ability to Heal

by Jason Griffasi |

Dr. Cade sits down with Author and Holistic Health Coach, Cason Lehman, to discuss the body's ability to heal.



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You can also learn more from Cason in his new book, Wired To Heal.



[Dr. Cade] Hey, guys. My name is Dr. Cade

I am the founder of Rooted Apothecary, and we're gonna be sitting down with somebody very special today. I'm gonna introduce you to Cason in just a minute.

But I know that it's been a long time since we put out a video, and I just wanted to say thanks for sticking with us. And for us this year. Last year, everything's been crazy. So I hope that you and your family are doing well.

But on our side of things, nothing has changed, even though stress is higher than ever before, and people are worried about immunity and getting artificial immunity from outside sources. I just want to remind you, the reason why I started this company back in 2018 was to let you know that the greatest doctor in the world lives inside of you. And it's so important for us to minimize the things that stop our bodies from healing and again, use everything that we can to promote it from the inside out.

And so Cason and I are going to talk a little bit about that here in a second. 

But again, nothing's changed. On our side, the timeless principles that we stand for aren't going to change. And so, again, I just want to connect you with that and connect you with that idea of the natural medicine cabinet. 

Again, the principles that we stand for from sleep to stress, to exercise, good food, those are things that are not going to change. So stay grounded in, and then stay rooted in that. It's just so, so important. And so there's your friendly reminder.

There's lots of great things on our blog on our website, including the handout, the natural medicine cabinet. Handout with lots of things that you can do, from products again to education to breathing to sleep. This honoring the healing from the inside out.

So let's talk to Cason here.

Mr. Cason Lehman is sitting next to us. So Cason's, a very good friend of mine met him five years ago, and Cason your titles just continue to add on. So Cason is a father. He's a husband. He has ten years background in physical therapy. He's an author, he's a health coach. You're a firefighter is another thing that I like to say, constantly putting out fires personally, professionally, right? There's just so much going on these days. But I'm honored to be sitting down with you, man. I think you're an amazing human being, an amazing soul I absolutely just fell in love with Cason in the first time met him. He has this just innocent, pure energy that is contagious. And I think you're going to feel that in a second here.

But what's going on, man? How are you? Thanks for sitting down with me.

[Cason] I'm good.

[Dr. Cade] So tell people a little bit about your story and what brought you from working kind of in the confinement of, you know, medicine, if you will, or the medicine I guess that form that you were in and branching up on your own at health, coaching, being an author, and again, trying to affect as many lives as you possibly can.

[Cason] Yeah. Well, I mean, I have to talk about inspiration because when I look back at my life and I reflect on what's going on, there's always been this deep rooted inspiration, like this passion for life.

And it started in athletics. You know, I was lucky enough to be blessed with a lot of athletic ability. And I put all of my effort into athletics. And I played College football and it was awesome. It was awesome.

But now knowing what I know, you know, I look back and I got injured all the time. And I had a lot of injuries and some guys never got injured. And I realized that there was some insecurities there. There was some lack of self confidence there that were affecting my health. 

And so I went on and tried to, you know, pursue a career and professional wakeboarding. And again, I had a lot of injuries. And I was sidelined. I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do. And so I pressed on and I wanted to know more about the body.

And so I became a physical therapy assistant and practice that for ten years. I learned so much. I learned so much there. But I still personally had this underpinning of a lack of confidence, a lack of, like, truth of what I really wanted. And also professionally looking at patients. I saw some similarities there. I saw that, you know, the same patients would come back over and over again.

[Dr. Cade] Interesting.

[Cason] And they would have the same injury or they would have a different injury. But it was like the same story, you know.

And so I realized these people and myself, we're giving our power away. We were thinking that, like, something outside of us was going to heal us. I thought that the doctor was going to heal me. The surgery was going to heal me. Even the CBD was going to heal me, you know. nBut these are great tools. We can use them, but we have to be aware of them.

And so it took me deeper and I got into food. Food changed me big time. I started eating healthy. I lost a whole bunch of weight, like 70 pounds. But yet I still had some things coming back. I still was stressed when I was eating.

And so I went deeper. And I got into meditation and self reflection and the subconscious. And I've realized that a lot of our health has to do with our state of being.

And so I've taken all this knowledge, all this experience, and I've tried to package it into a way to share my inspiration and passion for life with others, to help them to heal.

[Dr. Cade] I love thank you for sharing that story man I really, really appreciate it.

And one of my favorite things about Cason is he's taken the burden of what he's been through emotionally and physically and turning that into a blessing not just for your health, your family's health, but again, through other people, through your health coaching programs, through the series that you're going to put out online, through your Instagram page, through this book, you have so many different avenues that you're really trying to reach people.

This is meant as a compliment, right. But I'm just so shocked at how simple Cason's methods are.

They really are. They're simple, but they're life changing. They're simple. They're sustainable. They're doable things for people no matter where your abilities are. No matter what you're struggling with is one step forward, ahead and ahead. And it's this connection to I think what you're doing better than anybody else is putting the emotional in the physical together. Right. It's this true holistic health coaching program is more than health coaching. But you're connecting those things together where people aren't just focusing on what to eat, they're connecting on why they need you to eat those things and why they want to stay away and why they've self sabotage in the past.

And I love how you talked about. You saw these other people with these injuries that they had in the past. They just weren't able to break free from that. They were having, like, a weak link would be attacked, right. Maybe an ankle thing, or. But that shows up for all of us, stomach stuff and skin stuff and brain fog and lack of motivation. We have these weak links that show up, but it just encourages us to get down to that root cause.

What else can you share with people about your story and how can they get started on a journey themselves? And, like what you did.

[Cason] Yeah. I mean, gosh, that's a big question.

[Dr. Cade] Is it ever.

[Cason] You know, one thing that I always come back to is is the placebo effect and it mind boggles me because it works. It's an inert substance, it's not even...

[Dr. Cade] Tell people a little bit more what that means. The most successful medical treatment of all time. Right.

[Cason] It's like a saline pill, which is salt, like a saltwater injection, maybe. Or a sugar pill, which does nothing on a therapeutic level. But when the patient or the person taking the pill or the injection or even a surgery, when they believe that it's a real thing, it works.

So the body has all the tools, like, it's got everything it needs. We have everything we need. So I guess to answer your question, I would just start with that. Like, we're safe. We have it figured out. The body knows what to do and how to do it. We just tend to get in the way.

[Dr. Cade] I love it. So you ended with that. So if we just stop there for a second and just realize that nothing is everything. Somebody, thinking that they got a knee surgery. But in the trials, they didn't get a knee surgery, and their problems are gone from nothing because they thought that they had a procedure. It is mind boggling mind. Boy, however you want to say it. It is. It's wild to think about that.

So we do have the power inside of us. But you ended with sometimes we just need to get out of our own way, which is part of the titles in your book. And that's what you're going to teach people.

Okay, what else we need to share with them? How can people find more about what you're teaching?

[Cason] Yeah, through you through Rooted (website) and Instagram @casonlehman is always a great way.

My website, all of it's there.

But yeah, we have it. I think that's so reassuring that we already have what we need. There's nothing more peaceful to me than that.

[Dr. Cade] So if you're feeling like you need help, if you're feeling broken, if you're feeling frustrated, if you're feeling like you're at the end of the rope, there's hope. And it starts with simple conversations like this.

And Cason's got a whole lot more to offer in his book, Wired To Heal, which we're going to talk about. 

We're going to film a couple more series like this, talking about pain and stress. And I think we need to talk about food and just equipping. We want to just do our best to equip you with the tools. But again, it's just remembering that you are the one doing healing. Nothing else.

So thank you for joining us.

All the links to the things that we talked about are in the bottom of this video, where you can find more of us at Rooted Apothecary and you can find more of Cason Lehman and his book, Wired To Heal.

But thank you guys very much for joining us. And on that note, we'll see you guys soon.


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