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Posture + Movement + Whole Foods = Pain Relief

by Cade Copeland |

Dr. Cade sits down with Author and Holistic Health Coach, Cason Lehman, to discuss how Posture + Movement + Whole Foods = Pain Relief



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You can also learn more from Cason in his new bookWired To Heal.


[Dr. Cade] Hey, guys, my name is Dr. Cade I am the founder of Rooted Apothecary and we are back with Mr. Cason Lehman. Ready to have some fun today and talk a little bit about CBD, talk a little bit about low back pain and a little bit more about what you do and what you excel at.

So I think the first thing that we can say is a lot of people are reaching out and telling us about their amazing testimonies of how CBD has helped them with pain. And obviously, CBD is not the cure for pain. Right. But we've had so many testimonies about people using the stick, the multi stick that we've got on the website or the tincture or this, and that is part of their routine that's really helped them.

And I've always been a big proponent of getting to the root cause. And I know that's why you and I get along so good, both with symptoms that people are dealing with and even in their relationships and even with work. Right. Getting to the root cause instead of treating the symptoms is so important.

So CBD isn't the cure. Right? We might hand pick our ingredients that we might have formulated a stick in a product that works really, really, really good. I stand behind it. I'm proud of it. I'm amazed at the testimonies. But at the end of the day, when that wears off or when it wears off your skin or you take a shower or whatever, you're still going to be in the same spot if you've done nothing to affect the root cause.

And today we're going to talk about low back pain, and there's muscles, there's ligaments, there's the spine, there's structural issues. We can't fix a structural issue with a chemical solution that just doesn't make sense. And CBD, for all intents and purposes right now, is a chemical solution. It's not going to affect the structure.

So we're going to talk with Mr Cason, and he's going to give us a couple of different techniques and maybe a couple different tips of how to really fix the structure, ideally, for low back pain and should we get the disclaimer now, or I think we should give the disclaimer now, right.

The things that Cason is going to talk about. There isn't one low back fix, right? That's going to work for everybody. Every person that we talk with at the physical therapy table, the chiropractic table who we're coaching everybody's different. So a spondylolisthesis case, this is going to be different than a scoliosis case. Those are going to be massively different. And so we're going to go through some general things that I think are going to make a big difference for a lot of people. If it doesn't work for you, that means dig deeper and do a more customized plan.

So with that being said, Cason, where are we going to start with a low back pain stuff, man?

[Cason] Well, I mean, you hit the nail on the head. We can get so caught up in the details in the diagnosis, actual structural misformation in our body. And so I did that for a long time. And what I do for all of everything that I teach is pattern recognition. I just look at patterns and I try and get bigger and look at it from a different angle, a higher angle to see what works and what doesn't.

So I've put together this back pain guide that can help, you know, the mass population to take their pain away. And ultimately, it is doing something, you know, it's changing the posture somehow, whether it's pulling in your pelvic floor or squeezing your butt cheeks, maybe things that people don't know how to do or they don't spend a lot of time doing. But to check in with their body and see if it's making it better or making it worse and using awareness.

[Dr. Cade] Well, I want to ask about patterns, and then I just want to just put a little asterisks there. Cason is talking about low back pain, and he talked about the pelvic floor, and he also talked about butt cheeks. Neither one of those are low back stuff, Right.

But again, this is where Cason is so unique at looking outside the box, not just going where the pain is, not just going where the symptom is, what else is contributing to it, which is so refreshing.

So let's talk about patterns, right? I mean, I assume sitting is a big pattern, stressed out people working on a laptop is a big pattern. You know, what other patterns are you seeing that contributes to low back pain?

[Cason] Yeah. Well, we're talking about the low back, but sitting is the new smoking. So when we sit, typically we round our shoulders and everything just compresses down. Our hips are all tied up and compressed. So what I see a lot of is that is that tightness. 

My whole postural program starts at the base of the spine, and to do that, we need to lay down. We need to lay down on our back and kind of get our spine moving in a way that is opening. So the pattern is move number one, but we have to start at a space or a place where we can learn where we can make this movement tangible.

[Dr. Cade] It's so interesting. The things that I've seen you working with patients, one on one. Some people because of the position of the spine, because they've been sitting down so long, because they've developed irregular, abnormal patterns that are contributing to their problems. 

Some people just can't even do simple things, which blows me away. I didn't think that was going to be an issue. We're asking somebody to do a bicep curl. It's almost like they just can't even do something as simple as that what we would call a normal function, because the have these patterns so ingrained in that are developing dysfunction. Right.

So number one. You said move. Right. You're gonna share this guide. I think we've got the link below in the video so you can make sure that you find it there. And what's the guide called?

[Cason] It's just a reverse and prevent low back pain.

[Dr. Cade] Is it hard?

[Cason] No, it's so easy.

[Dr. Cade] Are people gonna hurt themselves trying it?

[Cason] No, not at all. All they need is a hard surface to lay on, like a bed or a table or a yoga mat. And I walk you through all the steps that you can use to help to take the pain away or prevent the pain that will probably one day come if we don't do anything about it.

[Dr. Cade] Does somebody have to have a low back pain to do it?

[Cason] No, it's totally a prevention technique.

[Dr. Cade] Cool. Yeah, I love it. It's just so simple, you guys. So go check out that link. Cason, anything else you want to say?

[Cason] No. It's my gift to you. And I hope that you can use it and do it.

[Dr. Cade] So we're both in agreeance. And CBD is awesome. But if you don't fix the structure of what's happening and offset the sitting and the other dysfunctions that we've all developed from our modern world and modern technologies, CBD can only do so much. Right. And so get to the root cause. Strengthen up your butt, strengthen up your pelvic floor. Get rid of that little back pain and start living again, right? 

[Cason] Yeah. Thanks.

[Dr. Cade] I'm Dr. Cade. Thank you, Cason. Talk to you all soon.

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