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Do's and Don'ts of CBD - @Little Spoon's Blog "Is This Normal"

by Cade Copeland |

Dr. Cade and Rooted Apothecary was recently featured on Little Spoon's blog "Is this Normal."

Little Spoon is an incredibly cool company that helps families "take mealtime off your plate" with fresh organic baby food, kid’s meals, vitamins & natural remedies all delivered right to your home.

In this article, Dr. Cade goes over the "Do's and Don'ts" including;

  • The difference between hemp and marijuana
  • What is the Endocannabinoid System?
  • What research is present in regards to safety and symptoms?
  • Does anecdotal evidence count for anything?
  • Who can use CBD?

Of course, the disclaimer needs to be clear...CBD is not right for everyone at all times, just like everything else in life. There is some really cool research articles linked in that you'll enjoy as you continue your journey in learning more about CBD.

If you're struggling to know which product to get started with, Rooted Apothecary is now offering a FREE 15 minute consultation with our team of wellness experts.  Reach out on our Contact Us form to schedule a time.

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