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Where Can You Buy CBD?

by Cade Copeland |

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. It’s often extracted for use in oils, topicals, and all kinds of other products. Although CBD is found in marijuana, most products use hemp-derived CBD. This makes it legal across the states and widely available to buy. So where can you buy CBD? 

There are now many places you can legally get your hands on CBD. While some users get it from cannabis stores or even specialist CBD stores, it can also be found in health stores or even bought online. Here’s a guide on where you can buy CBD and what’s the best way to get it.

Is it Legal to Buy CBD?

The laws around CBD can seem complicated to some. It’s often grouped in with cannabis and, as such, it used to be a lot harder to buy it. However, while you can buy cannabis-based CBD products, many products now use CBD extracted from hemp. This makes it much more legally accessible.

The Farm Bill makes hemp products legal for consumers to buy across the United States. That means you can buy CBD products which are made with hemp and have less than 0.3% THC in many places. In addition to CBD stores, you can also find CBD products in health stores and even some general stores.

When CBD products are made with hemp, you don’t need to be a certain age or have a medical prescription to buy them. However, some states still do have some strict laws against CBD. For instance, Texas still bans the use of CBD products for non-medical users despite federal laws allowing it.

Where Can You Buy CBD?

Where Can You Buy CBD?

With hemp-based CBD products now legal in most of the country, there are many ways to buy it. In many states, you can find specialist stores which focus on CBD products. Head shops often also carry CBD products.

You’re also likely to find a variety of CBD products in vape stores. CBD vape-oils and vape cartridges are particularly popular, and you can find these in many different types and flavors.

Cannabis stores and dispensaries are also likely to carry CBD products. However, in many cases, these will contain high levels of THC. As such, you’ll need to be an adult in a legal state or have a medical card to buy them.

The easiest way to get CBD products is to buy CBD online. You can get products delivered directly to you, wherever you are in the country. It’s an efficient and convenient way to get the CBD products you need.

How to Buy CBD Online

Many consumers choose to buy CBD online. It’s safe, fast, convenient, and you can find a huge variety of CBD products when you buy online. You won’t need a medical card or proof of age to buy hemp-based CBD, making it particularly easy to buy CBD products online.

There are many online stores which offer CBD products. For instance, you can buy CBD oil, topicals, capsules, and other products online from Rooted Apothecary. In order to do so, simply Sign Up for an account and you can browse products and make an online order within minutes.

You can browse through the online store, choose from a wide range of products, and even check out product descriptions and reviews. It makes it simple to find the best quality CBD products, add them to your shopping cart, and order them for delivery directly to your address.

What Kinds of CBD Products Can You Buy?

What Kinds of CBD Products Can You Buy?

CBD is available to use in many different forms. There are CBD Oils, Topicals, Capsules, Edibles, and many other kinds of CBD products. All of these are safe and effective to use, and users often make their choice best on which kind of CBD product suits them the best. Here are some of the popular CBD products you can buy online.

CBD Oil - CBD Oil is a highly popular way to use CBD. You use these products by dropping the oil under your tongue and holding it there for a minute or two. This absorbs the cannabidiol into your body where it can give you beneficial effects. It’s a fast-acting and convenient way to use CBD. You can buy CBD Oil in various quantities from 500mg CBD Oil to 1500mg CBD Oil.

CBD Capsules - For an even more convenient way to take CBD, some users use CBD Capsules. These are simply pills filled with CBD Oil which you can swallow with some water to get the effects. You can buy 750mg CBD Capsules, split into 30 servings of 25mg of CBD to make it easy to control your dosage.

CBD Topicals - CBD Topicals are fairly unique in the sense that they don’t reach your bloodstream and won’t give you any benefits to the brain. However, when you apply these to your body, they absorb into the skin and interact with cannabinoid receptors to offer relief for pain, inflammation, strains, aches, and skin infections.

Other common options include CBD Edibles, CBD Vape Products, and CBD Isolates. Many users buy multiple different kinds of CBD products as they work well in unison.

Why Should You Buy CBD?

CBD is a natural herbal supplement which many users use for general wellness benefits. Although CBD isn’t a medical treatment, surveys show that many users find its effects more useful than many traditional treatments for a wide range of symptoms.

A cross-sectional study of CBD users found that users commonly use CBD for its therapeutic effects against seizures, anxiety, depression, stress, pain, inflammation, headaches, and other such symptoms. It can also prevent the risk of various health issues.

CBD has a high safety profile and won’t give you any negative side effects. There’s also no risk of addiction or overdose. As such, many users choose to buy CBD instead of medical cannabis or other medications for therapeutic effects.


It’s easy for anyone to buy CBD, especially when you buy CBD online. You can legally buy as much as you want, providing it is made from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. Rooted Apothecary provides a range of hemp-based CBD products available for delivery across the United States.

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