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Top 5 Tips for Teething Naturally

by Cade Copeland |


Teething is a rite of passage for any child graduating away from the breast or a bottle.  But, it’s also quite a painful process for us parents as well!  It’s confusing to problem solve why the baby is going through days of fussiness without being able to clearly communicate what is going on.  When we finally do see the red bumps on the gums or even a pearly white poking through, the options available aren’t always the healthiest.

 I’ve put this list together of some great options we’ve personally found to be most successful…it only took 4 babies to narrow it down :-)


  1. Cold – two of our babies loved to gnaw on a frozen breastmilk cube. It really helped the pain and fussiness, but not all of them would take it.
    1. Breastmilk – freeze some breastmilk and securely tie in an old t-shirt, YUM!
    2. Chamomile Tea – make an organic tea and freeze and securely tie in an old t-shirt. Aids in reducing the pain, swelling and helps calm baby.
  2. Jewelry – That may not be the best headline, but there are very creative options available now!
    1. Teething Necklace – typically made of silicon, the pressure on the gums helps satisfy the pain, plus the necklace stays off the floor unlike the toys! The baby can grab it all they want and chomp and chew away….much different than the rest of your jewelry!
    2. Amber Necklace – the little one wears these cute little beads made of baltic amber and a small amount of the succinic acid is released from the warmth of their body.  We've used this for all our kids, so it's difficult to tell exactly how much a difference it makes.  Make sure to get a proper fitting necklace, you can learn more here.
  3. Homeopathy – These options are widely available now at places like CVS, Amazon and your local health food store. They are super easy to give to baby even when they’re upset.
    1. Camilia – clean ingredients to reduce the pain and irritability.
    2. Hyland’s Teething Tablets – works great for sore gums, in a quick dissolving tablet.
  4. Essential Oils – Essential oils have been rising in popularity as mom’s strive to take back control of their families health. Please make sure to dilute these oils with a carrier before applying around the jaw, ear and directly on the gums.
    1. Roman Chamomile – naturally calming and reduces nerve pain.
    2. Copaiba – anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
    3. Lavender Flower – this one really helps to calm and soothe both physically and mentally with the stress from teething pain.
  5. CBD – Of course we’re going to save the best for last! A natural and potent analgesic reduces the pain while the anti-inflammatory properties reduce the swelling and irritation.  As a bonus, it also helps calm your baby when they’re worked up from the pain.
    1. Tincture – take a drop or two on your palm and use your finger to massage into the gums. Apply when needed or 30 minutes before bed for best results.
    2. CBD + EO Roller – combine the strength of CBD and Essential Oils into one easy to use and convenient application. All oils are diluted so you don’t have to worry about reactions or overuse.

We hope that these tips have helped empower you and have made life a little easier with your little one!  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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