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Single Dose of CBD Resets Schizophrenic Brains

by Cade Copeland |

Treatments for sufferers of schizophrenia have not advanced significantly in the last fifty years. But there is new cause for hope in the form of a plant-based treatment that can reset the brains of psychosis sufferers back to normal levels in a single dose

Individuals suffering with conditions like schizophrenia show distinct symptoms in functional brain scans. But what causes episodes like psychosis, and are existing treatments meeting the needs of the affected?

Psychosis is not a diagnosis, but a mental state characterized by breaks with reality, causing deranged thought processes, delusions, and even hallucinations.[1] A person in a state of psychosis may hear voices, see things that are not there, and have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and unreal. These episodes, called psychotic breaks, can be severe and deranging for the patient, as well as disconcerting for individuals with whom the patient comes into contact. Despite this, most sufferers of psychosis are not violent or dangerous.[2]  CONTINUE READING @ 

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