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Organic CBD as an Anti-Inflammatory

by Cade Copeland |

Pain from inflammation can hit at any time – and premium CBD and hemp oil can help. From weekend warriors who pushed a little too hard to get a project done to seasoned athletes, Americans are realizing the benefits of regular cannabinoid intake to retain homeostasis in the body and reduce swelling.

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?

Inflammation is simply your body’s way of fighting off harm, such as an injury. Swelling and irritation become present at the site of the injury to protect your body from further damage and signal you to rest. This is acute inflammation. It has a specific cause and lasts a short time while your body does the work to heal.

Chronic inflammation, however, is ongoing, and while it may start with an initial injury, it becomes an ever-present problem in your life. Autoimmune disorders also cause chronic inflammation as the body mistakenly attacks healthy tissue.

Treatment of Inflammation

Those with acute or chronic inflammation typically commit to a rotation of over-the-counter or prescription pain medications and anti-inflammatories to quiet swelling and irritation. These work to mask the pain, but they do nothing to address the actual issue.

Organic CBD oil has been studied at length for its anti-inflammatory properties.  CBD oil works as a wonderful recovery agent and ongoing health supplement for those plagued by chronic or acute inflammation. Rooted Apothecary’s organic CBD capsules are a wonderful resource that provides ongoing relief and support for your body as it heals from injury and inflammation.

When taken as a supplement for proactive support, pure CBD oil allows your body to calm and balance. Cannabinoids unlock the receptors that bring equilibrium to a variety of interconnected systems throughout your body.

Organic CBD oil is just one piece of the healthy living puzzle - start today with a CBD oil regimen of Rooted Apothecary products that will allow you to thrive, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned athlete.

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