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Mindful Mom Remedies

by Cade Copeland |

We all want to enjoy our children, to build a bond with them that starts in the early years and lasts well into adulthood. As parents, it is our quest to gently guide our children while offering them the best tools to thrive in their environment. Rooted Apothecary shares this same mission. As parents, we want our time with our children to be peace filled and foundational to their success. As medical professionals, we know that parents need support that goes beyond nature and nurture – and we stand ready to provide those resources.

Rooted Apothecary can be one piece of a vital regimen that allows mamas and children to connect, even when the circumstances are not ideal. Our tummy and teething rollers are specifically formulated to help ease the pains that come during the infant stage while promoting better rest. Mamas have come to rely on our full-spectrum hemp oil to lessen the anxiety and stress that often come with the first years of mothering. As part of a daily multivitamin routine, Rooted Apothecary CBD oil is safe for breastfeeding mothers and provides continuous support throughout the stressful situations that come with parenting. Our products are made without synthetic ingredients, and our nature knows best approach will allow you to ease your little one’s pain without concern.

Best seen as a tool to promote your family’s wellness, CBD, or cannabidiol, is part of a daily regimen of health that extends to the entire family. Our hemp infused products are mindfully formulated to create top quality, full spectrum, family-friendly blends. When it comes to colic and teething specifically, CBD oil blends hold natural analgesic properties that reduce pain and anti-inflammatory qualities that diminish irritation and swelling. Our rollers combine both cannabidiol and essential oils that are specifically diluted for use on toddlers and infants, giving you peace of mind to apply without fear of overuse or reactions.

We welcome you into our growing community of parents who are mindful of natural healing and want to add CBD as a part of their wellness regimen. Our products are safe for your little one, and every member of your family. Visit our website to learn more about cannabidiol and explore natural remedies for your every day life.

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