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How A Professional NHL Player Reset His Nervous System By Using CBD Supplements

by Cade Copeland |

We all know the feeling of having a little too many "to-dos" on our schedule. Stress starts to build up at the thought of not being able to complete all our tasks. We tense up, we begin to feel anxious, and lose our focus to actually fulfill what we had to do in the first place.

Whether it's a project at work, a big exam, a family event, an important sports competition, or just meeting the deadlines for tasks of daily life, our bodies perceive these events as stressors. Unfortunately, constant exposure to stressors can lead to chronic stress, which can take a toll on your nervous system.

Continuous activation of the sympathetic nervous system can cause problems to practically all other bodily systems. Frequent stress can wreak havoc on your digestive system, suppress your immune system, put you at greater risk for heart problems, and even cause reproductive problems.

For NHL player Mark Arcobello, constant stress from his hockey competitions and the challenges of daily life greatly affected his sympathetic nervous system. After a doctor's recommendation to supplement with CBD though, Mark tells us he feels like his nervous system has been reset. We interviewed him to get a little more insight into his experience as a professional hockey player and how CBD has helped him in his journey.

Q: Mark, when exactly did you start supplementing with CBD?

Around Fall of 2018. I was recommended by Dr. Cade Copeland. I actually found him through an internet search when looking for an alternative medicine professional. After the end of a very rough season, I was experiencing chronic stress and had an overactive immune system but wanted to treat it naturally. 

Q: What has been the most notable change since using CBD?

Honestly, I feel like it's brought balance back into my life. It's definitely helped with stress management and with anxiety too. It's like it reset my entire nervous system completely.

Q: Why do you say that it reset your nervous system? What was it like before using CBD? 

Well, I can tell you that my 2015 season played a huge role in damaging my sympathetic nervous system. This is when we tied the NHL record for most teams played in one season. During that time, I also moved three times. I played for four different NHL teams and then traveled to Czech Republic to represent USA at World Championships at the end of the NHL season. You can only imagine the amount of stress there. Plenty of physical and mental drainage for sure. 

Q: Definitely sounds like your nervous system would be affected with such stressors. What would you say your life is now after supplementing with CBD?

I just think it's become a lot easier to balance the everyday stress of my professional sports schedule with my family life. Not only that, but it's helped decrease inflammation in my body. Hockey definitely takes a toll on your physical health. I was forced to take NSAIDs due to problems with my wrists and hands but can gladly say I haven't needed them since using CBD. This has not only allowed me to feel better but has also improved my performance as a player.

Q: What other unexpected benefits have you perceived?

Strangely, my digestion has been a lot better. I also use other digestive aids, but CBD has definitely marked the difference. I've also noticed a lot sleep improvement. 

Q: We heard you're going to be a dad soon, congratulations! We know your routine will be slightly altered, but will you continue using CBD?

Thank you! And absolutely. I think more than ever. I just mentioned it's helped improve my sleep, so I think it will be very beneficial for recovery since I know sleep deprivation will be something, I'll become very familiar with after bringing our newborn home.

I'll also be honest and say the uncertainty that comes with parenthood was causing a little anxiety. But CBD has helped decrease this fear too.

Q:  Thank you for sharing that. Anything else you'd like to add?

It's just really nice knowing I can rely on CBD for a variety of benefits. Especially knowing I can't overdose on it or have the negative side effects like I did with NSAIDs. And that the THC content is within WADA regulations…It's just assuring that I can consume this safely without having to worry about any of the unpleasant consequences. With the NSAIDs, I was at risk for liver and stomach damage. Now I don't have to be concerned about it.

It's so safe I even give it to my 7-year old dog! She has joint problems, so I give it to her to ease pain and inflammation from knee surgery and osteoarthritis in hips.

I would honestly recommend CBD supplements to anyone. Even if you don't think you have any of the symptoms it claims to help, CBD helps our bodies remain balanced, who’s is something we can all benefit from. There are so many daily events that can cause us stress and overwork our nervous system. I think it's important to support our bodies with natural remedies that can counteract the negative effects of chronic stress.

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