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Full Spectrum Capsules - Rooted Apothecary’s Newest Addition!

by Cade Copeland |  | 1 comment

Folks have been asking for this since we launched; capsules are finally here and they'll be ready for shipping by March 1st!

We are pleased to announce that each 25 mg capsule contains the same 100% organic, full spectrum CBD that we all love so much.

Here are the top reasons why these capsules should be in your medicine cabinet;

  • Inflammation – Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis and other digestive disorders are on the rise every year in the US.  We now understand that food sensitivities, toxicity issues, or things like leaky gut could all be the root cause, but these all funnel down to promoting inflammation of the lining of the gut.  Think of it like scratching a bug bite on your skin over and over and over again. That redness and irritation is inflammation on your skin while the diseases listed above is the same thing in the gut.  Rooted Apothecary’s full spectrum CBD capsules work directly at the site upon digestion of the capsule and then into the bloodstream for a systemic effect.
  • Immunity – Some estimate that upwards of 70% of our immune tissue resides in the gut.  When our gut bacterial levels are in proper balance, our internal defense system is able to mount a stronger attack against invaders.  Because the gut is an easy entry point for bacteria and viruses, and it’s only a single layer of cells between the gut to the bloodstream, it makes sense why our body is extra protected here.  There is a dense population of CB2 receptors in the GI Tract along with many white blood cells including macrophages and monocytes. While sublingual is helpful for the entire system, full spectrum CBD capsules help concentrate the effects in this important area.
  • Gut-Brain Connection – Books like Dr. Perlmutter’s “Brain Maker” and Dr. Emeran Mayer’s “The Mind-Gut Connection” are showing that the health of the brain is dependent upon the health of the gut.  More than 95% of the neurotransmitter serotonin is produced here…that important chemical that is also called the “happy hormone.” When our body is combating inflammation from various sources and suffering from an imbalance of proper gut flora, it becomes a waiting game for neurological symptoms to exist.  For some that could be ADD / ADHD, anxiety and depression or for others it could be diseases like dementia that are typically seen in older populations. Full spectrum CBD capsules help to maintain proper gut health

Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut,” and more research is showing that may be true.  Adding CBD to a healthy gut routine with probiotics and organic, non-GMO foods, your system can feel and function better.  Can you think of other reasons why full spectrum CBD capsules are an amazing addition to your natural medicine cabinet?

Comments (1)

  • Cherese on February 25, 2019

    Just found this site from the Fasting Transformation seminar. I have been intrigued with CBD oil for a few years now, after seeing amazing results using it on my dog. Do you have to be careful with CBD supplements and medications? I would love to learn more about this. Thank you!

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