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Can CBD Really Treat Arthritis Pain?

by Cade Copeland |

With its wide range of uses, many people turn to CBD today as a safe and legal alternative to medical cannabis. CBD products are usually extracted from hemp plants and contain no psychoactive effects. However, studies suggest that CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to provide numerous therapeutic effects. It’s now used for many symptoms and conditions like anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and seizures. However, the most common use of CBD is to relieve pain.

CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects which many users find therapeutic for physical pain. In addition to potentially helping with general issues such as headaches and muscle strains, CBD is often prescribed for conditions associated with chronic pain. For instance, many Arthritis users now use CBD products as a natural way to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation. But can CBD really treat arthritis pain?

It should be noted that hemp-derived CBD products are classed as dietary supplements and not medical treatments. However, many users still find products like CBD Oils and CBD Topicals useful when it comes to relieving arthritis pain. There are also various studies which show CBD can help with Arthritis. Here’s a guide on how CBD can affect Arthritis, how to use it, and where you can get it.

What Exactly is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of over a hundred chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants known as cannabinoids. Usually, people use cannabis for the effects of THC, a cannabinoid which gives you psychoactive effects such as feelings of happiness, euphoria, and heightened senses. CBD, on the other hand, delivers no psychoactive effects but has become highly popular as an alternative due to its potentially helpful properties.

Cannabidiol products are generally extracted from hemp plants, making them federally legal in the United States. They aren’t classified as medical products but rather dietary supplements. However, much like other herbal supplements, many studies point towards cannabidiol having positive effects on the body due to its effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system, and many users find CBD therapeutic for their health issues.

What Exactly is CBD?

You can now find CBD in all kinds of products. The most common is CBD Oil, a liquid product which you apply under your tongue. However, there are also many other ways to consume cannabidiol, such as in Edibles, Topicals, Vape Products, and Capsules. Not only can you find these products legally in many stores, but you can also easily buy them online for direct delivery.

Cannabidiol offers an interesting alternative to cannabis for users who don’t want to get high. It’s safe, easy to use, and won’t give you any negative side effects. Plus, with a range of simple and convenient ways to consume cannabidiol, many people find it useful as a daily supplement.

What Is CBD Used For?

CBD is now used in all kinds of ways. Many people use it as a daily herbal supplement much in the same way you’d take a multivitamin or other supplements. However, it’s also used for all kinds of purposes from relieving pain to reducing seizures.

Many medical cannabis programs across the United States now give cannabis-based CBD products to patients with conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, and Arthritis. It provides a safer alternative for those who don’t want the psychoactive effects of marijuana. 

A study on CBD users from 2018 found that 62% of users use CBD to help with a medical condition. The most common uses were for pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Research from HelloMD and the Brightfield Group found that 80% of CBD users reported that it was effective in helping with their symptoms.

Much research is still being carried out into the effects of CBD. However, there have been some promising findings already. Research on using CBD for epilepsy found that patients could reduce monthly seizures significantly by taking a daily dose of CBD Oil. 

There’s also research to suggest it can help with mental health issues. A study on using CBD for anxiety and sleep found that users who took CBD regularly for a month reported lower levels of anxiety and improved sleep. Similarly, a study on using cannabis for stress, depression, and anxiety found that high-CBD strains were particularly effective in reducing symptoms.

Can CBD Really Treat Arthritis Pain?

While there’s evidence to suggest CBD can help with things like seizures, anxiety, and sleep, the most common use of CBD is to help with pain. Research has found that CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. While it’s often used for issues such as multiple sclerosis, cancer pain, migraines, and aches and strains in general, one of the most common conditions CBD is used for is Arthritis.

Can CBD Really Treat Arthritis Pain?

There are many studies which show that CBD and other cannabinoids can potentially help patients with Arthritis. A 2006 study by Blake et al found that using Sativex, a product containing CBD and THC could help patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Research on preclinical data from rat studies found that CBD had very promising results for osteoarthritis due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

More recent research from 2017 suggests that CBD could be a safe and therapeutic way to help users with osteoarthritis. Although many of the current studies have been carried out on animals, they do show promise for human users as well. notes that a recent clinical trial found that CBD was effective in the treatment of knee pain from osteoarthritis with no side effects.

CBD is safe to use with no risk of harmful health effects or addiction, and those with chronic pain from Arthritis are free to try it. It’s said to work by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which can have effects such as reducing the sensation of pain and relieving inflammation. In addition to helping with pain, CBD may also help users sleep better and improve their quality of life.

How to Use CBD for Arthritis Pain

With so many different cannabidiol products now on the market, there are all kinds of ways you can use CBD. All of these are just as safe and any of them can help users who wish to try CBD for their Arthritis. Here are some of the most common and popular ways to take CBD.

CBD Oil/Tincture - CBD Oil, also known as CBD Tincture or CBD Drops, is the most common CBD product you’ll find. It’s made with cannabidiol extracts infused into an easy-to-absorb oil product. It’s highly popular due to how easy it is to take- all you need to do is apply the amount of CBD Oil you want under your tongue, hold it there for around 30-90 seconds, and then swallow the rest. The cannabidiol is absorbed into your system where it can take effect in as little as around 20 minutes.

CBD Capsules - CBD Capsules make it extra quick and convenient to get a dose of cannabidiol. Each capsule comes with a healthy dose of cannabidiol so all you need to do is swallow one or two a day along with some water.

CBD Edibles - CBD Edibles are another one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. These come in the form of CBD-infused foods such as gummies, chocolate bars, and baked goods. They’re usually split into servings of around 10-25mg of CBD so you can get your daily dose in a tasty and enjoyable way. You can also make your own CBD Edibles by infusing CBD Oil into all kinds of recipes.

CBD Beverages

CBD Beverages - Much like CBD Edibles, you can also find drinks infused with cannabidiol. These come in all kinds of forms, such as CBD Tea and CBD Coffee. It’s also easy to make your own CBD Beverages- simply apply some CBD Oil or Tincture into drinks such as smoothies, juices or even cocktails.

CBD Topicals - CBD Topicals come in the form of creams, balms, lotions, and other such topical products infused with cannabidiol extract. You use these simply by applying the topical to your body, where the CBD is absorbed and attaches to cannabinoid receptors in your skin. CBD Topicals won’t reach your bloodstream or your brain, but many users find them useful for pain relief and reducing inflammation.

CBD Vape Products - If you prefer to use a vaporizer or vape pen, you can also vape CBD. There are many CBD Vape-Oils and Vape Cartridges out there in many different flavors. All you need to do is apply them to your vape and inhale. You can also make your own vape-oils with CBD Oil.

Where to Buy CBD

Those who want CBD products extracted from marijuana will need to either live in a legal marijuana state or get approved by their state’s medical marijuana program. Those with medical cards will be able to get CBD Oils, Tinctures, and other products at dispensaries.

However, you can still legally buy CBD even if you don’t have a medical card or live in a legal state. Hemp-based CBD products are federally legal, and you can now find them in many stores and pharmacies across the United States.

The easiest way to get CBD is to buy CBD online. Rooted Apothecary provides a range of hemp-based CBD products which are tested by third-party labs to ensure maximum purity and quality. All of these are entirely safe and legal to buy.

500mg CBD Oil will suit users who want to try CBD Oil out. This gives you plenty for a daily dose of around 10-25mg to last you a while. If you want to stock up on more CBD, you can also buy 1000mg CBD Oil and 1500mg CBD Oil.

You can also buy 750mg CBD Capsules. With 30 capsules each containing 25mg of CBD each, this gives you plenty for a daily dose to last you for a month. Just swallow the capsules with some water. Alternatively, you can try out Topical CBD Infusions such as CBD Body Butter and CBD sprays.

Is CBD Safe?

CBD is also very safe to use for people of all ages and medical backgrounds. Unlike THC, CBD won’t make you high and many studies show that humans can use CBD without any harmful side effects.

Minor side effects are occasionally reported such as dizziness, nausea, and changes in mood or appetite. However, users generally find CBD to be free from any side effects. CBD is also non-addictive and you can use as much as you want without any concern about dependence or withdrawal symptoms.

Is CBD Safe

It’s also impossible to overdose on CBD, meaning you can feel free to increase your dose if you feel like you need more. With no health risks and no potential for abuse, CBD is risk-free even for elderly Arthritis patients.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD is federally legal in the United States, providing products meet a few certain conditions. While the use of cannabis products is still illegal in some states, hemp products are federally legal to use. Many CBD manufacturers now use hemp extracts in order to make products legally available to all users.

CBD products must be made from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC in order to be fully legal. These products are entirely safe to use and won’t give you any psychoactive side effects.

If you’re looking for legal CBD products made from hemp, you can buy them online from Rooted Apothecary. You can order any of these products for delivery across the United States safely and legally.


Can CBD really treat Arthritis pain? There’s a lot of research to suggest it can help relieve the symptoms, and many users also vouch for the pain-relieving effects of CBD. Although hemp CBD products are natural supplements and shouldn’t be used solely as medical treatments, Arthritis sufferers may want to try them to ease their symptoms. They can work well combined with other traditional treatments.

You can buy CBD legally in stores and online, even in states where cannabis is still illegal. Simply look out for hemp-based CBD products containing no more than 0.3% THC. These products are all safe to use with no harmful side effects and no risk of addiction or overdose.

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