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4 Reasons Why We Choose Hemp Seed Oil as our Carrier

by Haley Kluegel |

There are many different options out there when you explore the marketplace of CBD. Consumer awareness is at an all time high as many people have begun to take a deeper look into the ingredients in the foods they eat, cosmetics they wear, and products they use on a daily basis. Why should CBD be any different? It is important to understand what you are buying and be aware of how all of the ingredients interact with each other. 

There are many different options when deciding what carrier oil to use when formulating a full-spectrum CBD product. You will find that although there are several companies that offer full-spectrum CBD, the carrier oil that is used often varies from grapeseed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and MCT oil. So which one did we choose and why?

At Rooted Apothecary, everything we use in our full-spectrum CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. With that being stated, the carrier oil we chose for many reasons was hemp seed oil. Not only did we want to avoid any coconut/tree nut sensitivities and autoimmune issues, we also wanted to include all of the amazing benefits that come with pairing CBD and hemp seed oil. 

Why We Choose to Use Hemp Seed Oil as Our Carrier

It all starts with where it comes from! Hemp seed oil comes from the small seeds of the hemp plant. These seeds have a rich profile of nutrients, fatty acids, and useful bioactive compounds that work synergistically with CBD to boast many benefits.

1. Vitamins and Minerals

Hemp seeds, in particular, hold high doses of important vitamins, like Vitamins E, B1, B2, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Magnesium is required for more than 300 different actions in the body including absorption!

2. Protein and Antioxidants

Hemp seeds are also an invaluable source of protein and antioxidants. The tiny seeds contain 20 known amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce. They also contain phytosterols which support heart health and can lower cholesterol.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Hemp seed oil is perfectly balanced with a three to one ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids. According to research, Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fats that reduce inflammation. Omega 6 GLA (gamma linolenic acid) offers numerous health benefits as well such as supporting healthy hair, skin and nails, supporting a healthy metabolism and helps to facilitate the body's ability to burn fat.

4.  Food for your Brain

Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in concentrated amounts in the brain, and can play a critical role in enhancing memory and cognition. 

Our vision here at Rooted Apothecary is centered on providing the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil for your families wellness toolbox. As always, we recommend you do your research before choosing a brand that works for you and your goals. 


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